You may have spent months or years on dating sites with little luck. It can be discouraging putting in the effort to get dressed up for dates or you shelled out money to show someone a good time, only for it to not work out. Have you considered that it might be your profile doing the damage? There are ways to ensure that your profile is doing the best work for you. One of the best ways to show people your best side is to ask your friends for input. They can take a look at your current profile and give you an honest opinion on how it makes you look to the men or women you are trying to appeal to. Your friends may bust your chops a bit but at the end of the day, they will be the most likely to honestly set you straight. Your profile could have something as simple as typing errors or incorrect grammar that could be turning a prospective date off from getting together with you. A good thing to do is to take the time and read over what you have writing about yourself and make sure it sounds correct and everything is spelt correctly. Your friends will quickly pick up on those things. It is also very important that you list as many interests as you can that you have in life. The more, the better that it says about yourself and that you are an active member in life and not just a sofa junky.


If you feel that your friends won’t be a valuable source of information or you don’t want to share your dating sites profile with them you could always look at the profiles of other people to see what kind of information they are sharing. Reference a profile of a man or woman that you like. What kind of information are they sharing? That information is probably one of the reasons why you are attracted to them so it’s probably fair to assume that having similar info could get you the appropriate matches you are looking for. This doesn’t mean you should lie about yourself and pretend that you have common interests in someone. However, if it’s information like marriage, kids, employment, education, it doesn’t hurt, to be honest, and forthright. Our research has shown that the more honest and open that you can be, the better your profile will appeal to those that are looking at it and considering contacting you for a date or to just get to know more about you. The one most important item is that you use a group of recent photos for your profile database.  

Another thing to look at is what kind of pictures you are including on your profile. To give you a little insight: Woman, and men both “HATE” having to pick you out from a lineup. If all of your photos are group pictures of the same five friends, how do you expect someone to pick out who you are if you have never met? Make sure that the photos you include have at least a few that are just of you. Also be sure that they are clear photos, not blurry, dirty mirrored bathroom selfies (yuck). You can also have photos that show you doing something. Having eight or nine selfies only says “I LOVE ME”. It doesn’t show what you do for fun. If you don’t have hobbies or activities outside your house or work, get some! Then, be sure to include photos of you doing things. Men and women are more drawn to candidates that have something going on besides the basic human functions. Even if you like something as simple as reading, knitting or painting include some action shots! It will help you get more matches.