When you’re putting in the time to find a match on an online dating site you want to avoid mistakes that could cost you matches and finding that special someone. It’s okay if any of these mistakes sound like something you have done. We are all human, flawed and most of us are still looking for our perfect match.


One of the first mistakes you could be guilty of is having a picture that doesn’t include your face. People who are looking at your profile are taking mere seconds to look over your photos and information before making a decision. If you want to leave a good impression to ensure that the photo you include is clear and shows your face. If you’ve been working out and want to show off your body, that’s fine too but make sure your profile picture shows off your face! Speaking of your whole body, be sure to include that as well!


Some people are self-conscious about their figure and avoid sharing photos of their full body. You shouldn’t worry too much. Being honest about your looks is a great way to find someone that thinks you and your body are attractive. If you only post photos from the neck up how are you expecting your matches to know what to expect when you first meet? If you are a fan of posting group photos, that’s fantastic! It shows that you are a social person who likes to go out and have fun. The one mistake you want to avoid is posting only group photos. Some people don’t want to play “Where’s Waldo” in terms of picking out which person you are. Make it easy for them by having a few photos that are just of you.

Another mistake you could be making is not being responsive enough over chat and messaging. If someone has made the effort to say hello and you are also interested in them, be responsive and chatty. This doesn’t mean you need to be overbearing but responding to a chat request greeting should be customary to say the least. Think of it this way, if a person said hello to you in person would you just walk away without greeting them back? Probably not. Don’t allow yourself the missed opportunity of meeting your match by ignoring messages. If you don’t have the courage to get a conversation started don’t wait too long to make plans. In the world of online dating, you may make a few matches and yet miss opportunities because you’re waiting too long. If you are interested in meeting a person in real life (IRL) you should make that known early on and then make plans.


Waiting around to schedule a meet up could mean that someone else snags your guy or gal first. Be courageous and get those plans set on the calendar! Online dating is an easy way to meet people your age with similar interests but these common mistakes could be keeping you from finding the right match. Correct these mistakes and you might just catch the perfect person!