Dating Tips

  1. Don’t Call, Text, Tweet or Become A Bother

You’ve met someone you like, that’s great. You’re probably thinking about them intermittently throughout your day and this is natural for you to want to let them know what you’re up to. It’s important to remember that it’s early in your new relationship and even if they’ve given you all the right signals so far, don’t push yourself onto a person to much or make several missed calls when you only spoke to them the night before. It might be too much, and give them cold feet and make them turn away from you, and BLOCK you, and even go as far as report you to and that’s the worst thing that you want to happen because you will be closely observed by DaBliss Management and could even be banned from DaBliss. Think of your communication together as a balancing set of scales. Add only as much to your side, as they do to theirs.


  1. Don’t Become A Facebook Stalker

I’m sure many of us can admit to knowing what someone does for a living, and even where they went on their last vacation, and the names of members of their family before we’ve even met them. Not because they’ve told us this information in a message, but because we’ve found their information on their open Facebook or Instagram profile, and you had a good look at it before your date together. But imagine the embarrassment if you let them know even the smallest of this information slip from all your hard detective work on your first date together? How could you explain to them that you seen what they did on their vacation without explaining to them that you found it on their Facebook page. If you do bring it up, then I highly recommend that you bring it up early in your conversations and get past it. Move on and have fun together.


  1. Meet Somewhere You Feel Comfortable At In A Public Place

If your ideal first date is getting to know one another in a snug and small place, I don’t recommend it, instead meet at a coffee shop, or sandwich shop, in a public place around other people where you can take time to study the person and make sure that you feel comfortable about what you are doing. I “Do Not” recommend that you ever meet at a Hotel Room. Make them meet at least meet you at the nearby public establishment and take your time. Make sure you tell someone where you are going to be at, and make sure you have a way home. You can always call a Cab, Uber or Lyft. Remember you have options in your life and use them to your advantage.


  1. Don’t Start Talking About Your Past Relationship Stories

Whether your last sweetheart destroyed your heart and you think you can never love again. Keep this information to yourself, believe me, it will be to your benefit in the long run. Your new date does not need to know. You are starting a fresh new relationship in life and let the experience make its own moves with the two of you together. Yes, it’s natural to be curious about who he or she was dating or even married to before you, but these conversations will happen organically in their own time. In short, try to avoid the ex-date chat when you’re on your first date. Have fun and get to know them and not think about the past, let the moment take control.


  1. Pay For Your Date

Whether you’re born as a man or woman, you’re an independent adult that is now living in the 21st century, and over the age of 18 if you are a member of DaBliss. Regardless of whether you end up paying for your first date together, it’s polite for both parties to offer to buy a round of drinks or split the overall bill. But for me personally, as the man I am, I personally will always insist on paying all bills on my first date. For the men in this situation I recommend that you always bring flowers on your first date and take time to open the door for your date and be polite and listen to them 60 percent more than you speak to them. It’s a proven rule of basics that a man needs to listen more than they speak on any date. Do not push your date away before you get a chance to know them. Life takes time, patience is a virtue.


  1. Remember You Have Time To Look Around

Please don’t think that you must go on a date with the first person who you like on DaBliss, just because you’ve been single for a while. With that same frame of mind, you should never feel pressured into going home with someone after a date for any reason or meeting up with them for a second date unless you’re positively sure you really want to. There are approximately over Ten Million residents of the United States and Canada that are currently using online dating sites, not to mention all the eligible singles that are dating offline. There’s really no need for anyone to settle for the first offer that you receive. Take your time to find the right relationship for you.


  1. Don’t Get Carried Away

Be easy and try not to become over powering, unless you are a millionaire and you wish to sweep them off their feet, try not to make the new person you’re dating the center of your world. Many of us have had that special friend of ours that used to be so much fun, and who listened to all your problems, then suddenly started dating someone new and vanished into their world together. Don’t be that person. At the same time, don’t quit your hobbies for your new date. Keep doing what you normally do, keep growing that herb garden. Remember that having hobbies and interests is attractive to the person you’re dating. Your love of art and theater or your passion for long motorcycle rides or working together on your hotrod. Trust me most women love it, if you give them a chance, and are open minded to teach them. Everyone loves to learn new things in life, and as your new companion they want to be involved with what makes you happy, and likewise do the same for them as well. Relationships that are the most successful in life are shared together, don’t be a boss, be a lover, not a hater.


  1. Have Fun With Your Online Dating Experience

This one might sound obvious, but if you’re not enjoying the online dating process for whatever reason, it’s not worth time. As a Dating Expert myself, I like to point out that many people get nowhere with online dating because they’re not in the right frame of mind for it.

“Get yourself together first, then look for a partner,” is our advice from DaBliss.

“Then you will be much more likely to find someone who’s going to be good for you.”