Success Stories

It is of great pleasure that Personal Data Systems Inc and DaBliss can bring to the United States and Canada our unique Social Networking & Dating Website. As the owner of DaBliss I have personally been connecting couples together through people that I have had the opportunity of meeting in my life and now I have taken it to the next step by launching a truly one of a kind experiences with our new dating platform. DaBliss is the only Dating Site of its kind that not only connects people together, but we also give our Monthly Paid Members repeated chances to win great prizes through our continued Sweepstakes Giveaways that will be conducted as often as one a month for the life of DaBliss. As we increase our database over time our prizes will continue to get larger and more fabulous.

In addition to our continued Sweepstakes Giveaways that we will conduct for the life of DaBliss we are also allowing each of our Paid Members the opportunity to select from a list of 50 Top Charities in the United States and One Dollar a month of each Paid Members Fees will be donated to that charity on a quarterly basis, four time a year. We will always strive to keep our Charitable Donation Information current and available for the world to see so you can realize the impact of what we are doing to make this a better world to live in for those in need.

It would be our pleasure to use and post success stories from our members and add them to our list of DaBliss relationship stories. Please feel free to send your dating stories to us at and your story could end up being listed and posted for the world to view on DaBliss soon.


I first saw my now boyfriend on a dating app: rugby kit, a mowhak. Yum. 

I contacted a mutual friend who sent him my profile picture and he said he’d ‘look out for me’ so we never officially matched, and my friend did nothing to set us up. 

Friends are hopeless sometimes.

Fast forward to 2018, and I see this cute guy on DaBliss with short hair, wearing a suit; it wasn’t until we matched and he messaged that I realized it was the same guy. 

We now are planning to live together and have a crazy amount of weird connections and mutual friends – we had probably been at the same parties but never met. The moral of the story: apps make things happen and, as well-meaning as friends are, sometimes you’ve got to make the connection yourself. – Sarah 29 & Christian 28