What is DaBliss?

Personal Data Systems Inc is the holding company of DaBliss which is a leading Online Dating Company that has conducted over a decade of research in the Online Dating Industry and strives to bring our members a truly unique dating experience to help singles find the relationship that’s just right for them. DaBliss’s Likes and Dislikes Matchmaking technology is constantly learning from the actions of our members in order to deliver better matches in real time.

Besides our great Matchmaking service DaBliss will continue to conduct Giveaways that all our DaBliss Members that physically reside in the United States or Canada and are over the age of 18 will automatically be entered into for a chance to win our fabulous prizes. The greater our membership base becomes, the larger the prizes will become for our Giveaways. Our goal is to conduct one Giveaway a Month for the life of DaBliss. Keep in mind that we are not conducting these in house. Every single Giveaway, or Contest that is conducted through DaBliss is being conducted by one of the, if not the, Top Sweepstakes Companies in the United States, that has over 30 years’ experience in what they do. They have conducted Giveaways and Contests for major companies all over the world. You will see this in our Privacy Policy when we launch. If you hire the best, you get the best. Our Giveaways and Contests will be conducted by what we consider the best in the industry.

In addition to our continued Giveaways that we will conduct for the life of DaBliss we are also allowing each of our Paid Members the opportunity to select One of 50 Top Charities in the United States and One Dollar a month of each Paid Members Fees will be donated to that charity on a quarterly basis, four time a year. We will always strive to keep our Charitable Donation Information current and available for the world to see so you can realize the impact of what we are doing to make this a better world to live in for those in need.

DaBliss is available in the United States and Canada, for people over the age of 18. We are truly a one of a kind online dating platform. Now even you can understand why we say that we stand behind our Copyrighted Jingle.


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